[DIY] Yarn pears

It’s about time… for my first DIY! Get your craft supplies ready – I’ll show you how to make some gorgeous yarn pears today.

I had this idea in my head for quite some time now, but I never had the time to realize this project. But now, that all my exams are over I decided to finally try it. Some of you may say these are only for autumn, but I think they make a beautiful decoration all year round.

But enough talking, let’s get our hands dirty!



You’ll need:

  • old light bulbs (or try to buy some really cheap ones)
  • yarn
  • little pieces of wood
  • glue (I used wood glue, but other crafting glues will work as well)
  • hot glue gun
  • paintbrush and paper to cover your workplace

Let’s go!

First you need a little hot glue to put the wooden sticks on the metall end of the light bulbs. These will make the pear stem.





Now you start to roll up a bit of the yarn to form a small circle. Use hot glue to attach it to the top part of the light bulb.



From now on we’ll only need the wood / craft glue so you can put the hot glue gun away.

Put the glue on the bulb – only a little bit each time, because it’ll dry really fast. Then quickly wrap the yarn around the glass. Try not to use too much pressure otherwise it will result in rather big gaps between the yarn. When necessary, use your fingers to push it together and apply more glue when needed. It’ll take a couple of turns until you’re used to the technique, but you will quickly get the hang of it.




Just go on until you make your way to the top. To finish you only need a little glue to fasten the lose end of the yarn. Et voilà – all done!


How do you like it?

What about you, are you a DIY pro or allergic to glue?

Maybe some of you will try it and let me know how it went. Can’t wait to hear your stories! Mine already moved into my living room and are very pleased with their new home.

Now it’s your turn – HAPPY CRAFTING!

xo Kristin


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