[December 5th] Bunting for your gifts

Fräulein Zebra Xmas

Hey guys!

Do you already know what gifts you’re going to give to your loved ones this year? No? Well, I can’t sort that out for you but I can give you some ideas on how to wrap your gifts beautifully and unique…


Add bunting to your gifts!

Bunting is nothing new – I know – but I really love this version made of book pages and that’s why I want to share it with you!



You will need:


  • red gift wrap
  • old book pages (or print off this page)
  • black marker
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • yarn

That how it’s done:


Cut the book pages into 1-2cm wide strips. Trim them to a length of 4-5cm (1) and fold in the middle (2). Use the marker to write all the letters of the presentees name on paper (3). Glue onto piece of yarn (4) and let it dry.

If you want to you can also cut the bottom ends of the bunting in a triangular shape. Wrap your gift with the red paper and tie your bunting around it.

BuchWimpel3 BuchWimpel4

Use the same idea to make christmas cards as well:


Just use a needle to make little holes, then insert the yarn and make a tight knot in the back so the bunting stays in place.


Have a lovely day & HAPPY CRAFTING!

xo Kristin 


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