[December 15th] Scratch Off Cards and Tags

Fräulein Zebra Xmas

Let’s be imperfect! Sometimes I find that way more appealing than smooth perfection – so prepare for messy wrapped gifts, secret messages and a little bit of dirt…


Christmas Cards and Gift Tags to Scratch-Off


It’s time to warm up your fingers!

You will need:


  • plain white cards
  • transparent adhesive foil
  • thin, black marker
  • metallic paint
  • soap
  • paint brush & scissors

That’s how you make it:


Use the marker to put a message on your card (1) – you can write or draw something, it’s totally up to you! Take a piece of adhesive foil that slightly bigger than your design and put it on the card (2). Mix soap and paint [1 part soap : two parts paint] (3) and apply the mix to the card so that all of the design is covered (4). You will need 2-3 layers of paint for an even result. Please note that each layer has to dry before you can apply the next one.

Let it dry for a couple of hours (preferably over night!) and then you can let the fun begin!



Similar to the cards you can also make gift tags and have you family searching for their gifts! Sounds fun to me! 😉

To match the look of the tags I simply wrapped the gifts in tissue paper and tied wool around it. Easy peasy but I think it looks awesome!


Like I said, I reeeeeeally love this look and can’t wait to give these presents to my loved ones!


Have a great week & HAPPY CRAFTING!

xo Kristin


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