DIY Marquee Letters

Hello my Zebras!

Today I want to once again be crafty with you! Are you in? The sharp-eyed would have seen this DIY about a month ago when a luminous ‘LOVE’ lettering was the background for my Piñata cookies. Now I have finally managed to photograph it and put together step by step instructions on how to assemble it.

This time I have opted for a simple ‘HI’, which will soon take pride of place in my hallway to greet my guests. What word would you like to bring to light?


DIY Marquee Letters

You’ll need:

  • thick cardboard
  • bendable coloured card (in your favourite colour)
  • hot glue
  • fairy lights
  • Scissors, pencil, craft knife



That’s how it works:

First you have to mark out your desired letters on thick cardboard with a pencil. Make sure the letters are the same size

Then you should consider where you want the lights to sit and thus distribute them equally over the letters. Mark the points with small crosses and then cut.

Now cut the thin coloured card in 5 cm wide long strips and trim them in accordance with the letter. TIP: For curved letters you can use relatively thin card for its flexibility. For straight letters you can use thicker card which will be a little more stable. 

Now stick the prepared pieces with hot glue on the sides and press firmly. Finally, glue the corners.

Turn over the letters and push the fairy lights through the prepared crosses. Optionally, secure the cable to the back so it stays in place.


And we are done!



Now turn them on and enjoy! A little tip I have: Depending on what card and lights you have used there may be weight problems with how the letters balance. If this occurs, simply fix them with sticky tape and the letters will remain in the correct position.


See you soon, my Zebras & HAPPY CRAFTING! 

xx Kristin


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