Roasted Winter Vegetables

Hello Zebras, to defy the winter weather out there and protect us from nasty pathogens, we should take extra care in consuming our daily allowance of vitamins. But what sounds simple and logical in theory is not always easy to implement in practice ... With this recipe, however, it is really simple and, above all, … Continue reading Roasted Winter Vegetables


Spaghetti Salad with veggies, chicken and feta

Hi my lovelies!   Yikes, Monday again? How did that happen? And unfortunately my Monday was one of those pesky "real" Mondays: up early, studied for my university exams and then, to top it off, half the things I wanted from the store were sold out.. But because whining does not help, I want to show … Continue reading Spaghetti Salad with veggies, chicken and feta