[December 1st] A little Cookie House

Let's get it starteeeeeeed! Welcome on board - this is where the zebratastic Advent Calendar will take place. I hope you're ready?! Okay... let's open the first door:   A snowy little house made of cookies and other sweets! There are no signs of snow outside that means we have to move our Winter Wonder Land indoors … Continue reading [December 1st] A little Cookie House


[Guestpost] Carrot Pancakes

It's important to spread the love! And since I really love my #PANCAKEAPRIL I decided to invite some fellow bloggers to join me. Today Annalena and Johanna from Hey Foodsister will share their recipe (and beautiful photos!) with you. Enjoy it!      The combination of carrots and Easter is probably as new as the … Continue reading [Guestpost] Carrot Pancakes