Strawberry Guacamole

Hello my dears! Let's get started with a very essential question: CORIANDER - YAY OR NAY? Unfortunately, I'm #TeamNAY and one of those people for whom coriander tastes terribly like soap. Before I heard of that phenomenon, I once nearly lost my mind over an Asian stir-fry that just tasted like someone had dumped a … Continue reading Strawberry Guacamole


One Pot Pasta with Chicken and Veggies

Hello my zebras! There are days when my calendar seems to be bursting because it's so full of appointments and things to do. On those days I mostly want my food quick and easy. But what does not mean that quality and taste have to suffer - sorry, frozen pizza! A great solution for such moments are … Continue reading One Pot Pasta with Chicken and Veggies