Honey Granola – mix your own muesli!

Hello zebras! There are a few recipes that are part of my absolute standard repertoire in the kitchen: pizza and pasta dough, meatballs, pancakes, ... and, among a few other things, homemade granola. With this simple but delicious recipe, all doors are open for a tasty, healthy breakfast. The basic ingredients are rolled oats and … Continue reading Honey Granola – mix your own muesli!


[December 18th] Gifts from the kitchen

Christmas without at least one round of Secret Santa doesn't feel like Christmas at all! I love to surprise people with handmade gifts and now I'll share my ideas with you.. That's how it looked like when I wrapped and packed everything for shipping (that's because my gift had to travel all the way from … Continue reading [December 18th] Gifts from the kitchen