A fruity lemon tart for easter

Hello my zebras, it's hard to believe but easter is just around the corner. Much like Christmas (just with fewer and smaller presents), this is one of those occasions for my family to meet, eat, talk and just have a good time together. Above all, the food aspect is naturally very important in a family of food … Continue reading A fruity lemon tart for easter


Stuffed Greek Chicken

Hello zebras! New year, new resolutions, new momentum! Although it's not necessarily my main goal to lose weight but I'm usually craving healthy food options at the beginning of each new year. Perhaps it's because I tend to completely overeat on sweet treats over the festive period and then am looking forward to something light … Continue reading Stuffed Greek Chicken

Cucumber Lemonade

Hello my zebras!   WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS - MAKE LEMONADE ... and what do you do when life gives you cucumbers? That's right, make lemonade!! 😀   The weather is perfectly sunny so it's time for some refreshment! You'll need cucumber, lemon and plenty of ice - and then you can make super simple and really … Continue reading Cucumber Lemonade

Durum Salad

I'm not sure if you know the brand "Ebly" or if they sell it where you live. It is precooked durum wheat and just perfect if you want a change from pasta or rice. It also tastes like a cross of both and goes really well with all kinds of dishes. But enough background information - … Continue reading Durum Salad