Linguine with roasted pepper sauce

Hello Zebras, we'll have family from Scotland visiting this week and are therefore diligently preparing, working and cleaning - after all, everything should be perfect, or at least as good as it gets. Spring cleaning in XXL, so to speak. And after all that work I don't want to spend a lot of time in … Continue reading Linguine with roasted pepper sauce


Fried Noodles With Curry & Ham

Hey guys, There are moments when you're so busy and have so many things to do at once that you don't seem to be making any progress at all. Do you know that feeling? My To-Do list is probably longer than my Christmas wish list for Santa and will most likely stay like that for a wee bit longer. But … Continue reading Fried Noodles With Curry & Ham

Spring Pasta

Hello my zebras! Yesterday was the beginning of spring and I thought it's about time to dish up something fresh. So today I'm going to share with you a delicious pasta dish with an irresistible creamy parmesan sauce and a lot of colourful spring vegetables - if this doesn't lighten up your mood you're probably still in hibernation 😉 Spring pasta for 2 servings … Continue reading Spring Pasta