Honey Granola – mix your own muesli!

Hello zebras! There are a few recipes that are part of my absolute standard repertoire in the kitchen: pizza and pasta dough, meatballs, pancakes, ... and, among a few other things, homemade granola. With this simple but delicious recipe, all doors are open for a tasty, healthy breakfast. The basic ingredients are rolled oats and … Continue reading Honey Granola – mix your own muesli!


Ham & Cheese Rolls with Poppy Seeds

Dear Zebras, on some days things just need to be a bit quicker than usual! If the day, or indeed the whole week, has been really stressful, then I  just have to get something hearty on my plate - otherwise things could go awfully wrong and there might be casualties 😉 That's why today I … Continue reading Ham & Cheese Rolls with Poppy Seeds

Käseschmarrn (Savoury Cheese Pancake) | Student Week

Hello my dears, today I'll introduce you to the traditional Austrian cuisine but instead of Kaiserschmarrn, which translates to 'Emperor's mess' and is a shredded fluffy pancake, we're making Käseschmarrn, a savoury and cheesy variation of the Austrian classic. And even if this sounds complicated at first, believe me, it really is not. So go ahead and try it … Continue reading Käseschmarrn (Savoury Cheese Pancake) | Student Week