Red Currant Chutney

Hello my dear ones! To pack summer into jars and open them in winter - that would be wonderful, wouldn't it? Like just to squeeze those few extra degrees of heat into a container and use them when it's colder. But sadly, this is not possible. At least not when it comes to weather. Instead, we can preserve all … Continue reading Red Currant Chutney


Baked in tins – Red Currant and Buttermilk Cake

Summer. That's the season of long evenings, where you can tell your favorite stories around the campfire. Do you know the story of the Wizard of Oz? Sure you do! To me it's the classic american fairytale. Not as romantic and square as some of the fairytales from the Brothers Grimm or Mr. H.C. Andersen. Or … Continue reading Baked in tins – Red Currant and Buttermilk Cake