Zebra Cheesecake [Happy Birthday, Fräulein Zebra]

Hello my lovlies! Guess who's back? Thanks to Mr Zebra all recipes will be available in English again - yay! I know I’m repeating myself… but seriously: time is moving quickly! The new year has just happened and I am still getting used to it being 2016 and not 2015. Maybe you know the feeling … Continue reading Zebra Cheesecake [Happy Birthday, Fräulein Zebra]


Durum Salad

I'm not sure if you know the brand "Ebly" or if they sell it where you live. It is precooked durum wheat and just perfect if you want a change from pasta or rice. It also tastes like a cross of both and goes really well with all kinds of dishes. But enough background information - … Continue reading Durum Salad